The Ebay Police


I haven’t posted for a long time. A lot has happened and I haven’t had chance to post anything new. I’m thinking about starting a whole new blog for a new start. I’m really excited about where I am now so yes! I will start a new blog. I’m going to fill it with really nice things that inspire me. There will be nerdy ramblings and everything. So I think this is goodnight to my none existent readers and hello new world.

Cya soon,


My next post will be the address of my new site when i get one sorted I’m going to chat with my lovely london friend as she is an internet nerd.



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Help i’m alive

Don’t worry i’m still here, i’ve just been very busy. I’m trying to think of what to write about first.  Last time I wrote I posted a picture of my parsley plant. His hair is now so big its like a plant afro, i’ve even made some sauce including some of his hair.

I also have some news on the music side of things. Through the internet I have met another musician who wishes to colloborate, he is working under the project title “Tier Ducks”. We have agreed to produce some music together and I will also be making a video for one of his songs. His music is very visual and I already have ideas running through my head. So keep a watch out for this.

On some more creative news I have been slowly progressing in my CGI modelling and I have a new model to show.

He is a nice little bugglette. I’m going to put him in a larger picture that my boyfriend Daniel Hammonds is creating for a class. I’ll put a link to his blog when he has finished the picture.

It’s getting quite late, but before I go I must tell you about despicable me. I saw it for the first time tonight and it blew me away. The character design was brilliant, the caricature style made their chosen expressions hilarious. I have become especially fond of the minions, watching them in their daily chores is very amusing. I recommend this film for all, both children and adults.


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The plants are blooming

Its a new academic year and i’m back in manchester. I recently planted some parsly and it seems to be growing well, i hope this is a sign of things to come.

I have moved into a new house with some of my friends from university, i’m really pleased with the house its much better than student halls. Seen as how we aren’t allowed pets i decided to buy some sea monkeys, i guess they are half pets. No-one would notice if they escaped though. I’ll try post a picture of them when they are a little fatter, right now they are barely even there. I had my intro to my final year today and i’m starting to get excited about possible ideas for films. I’ll update as my film folds out, but for now its essay time!

Good night

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I’ve been working more with my nerd boy recently. I posted a picture of his head in the works. He is all completed now, with a little background to go with it. I just want to work out one more thing. I wanted to make it look like he was queuing up for a comic book convention, so i wanted posters on the walls. I’m still trying to figure that one out. Anyway here he is:

I also want to eventually put in a skeleton and rig him properly for animation.

Happy nerdings.

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Living in Maya


Since i finised my work experience at Signal Films I have been teaching myself some more maya. I have been concentrating on character design as this is what really interests me. I would love to learn how to animate better but some aspects of that still baffle me. I know how to rig a character but how to do it correctly i’m not sure about. Anyway here are some stills from things i’ve been working on, some are incomplete.

I’m hoping to put in a full skeleton into this little geek boy. Then hopefully get a nice smooth animation sequence out of him. I’ve got an idea for his character and a small story idea. I just need to figure out the rigging in more depth.

Anyway happy browsing, more writings soon. I’m off to leeds festival tomorrow, exciting times.


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Send me a signal

Hello sorry i haven’t posted for a while, its because ive been doing work experience at Signal Films. I’ve been very busy but i’ve been enjoying the whole experience. Ive been doing everything from publicity to workshops with children to filming as well. They have given me my own personal project to work on. In 2006 they shot a documentary about tea dances. Tea dances are organised dances where couples go along to dance and then have tea, it’s a really nice social event. These dances mostly attract the older generation, so they have amazing interviews with them. So i’ve been given the task of editing a small chapter of it. I’ve already decided my favourite old person a lady called Joan she is hilarious. Hopefully one day the whole documentary is made and people can see how amazing these people are.

I also finished my animation and you can see it on my vimeo page 🙂 i’m pleased with it. I’m really getting more and more into animation. Whilst at Signal i met an old friends from college Russle. I found out he is renting a room in the Signal building to make an animation. He set is absolutely brilliant, he has real attention to detail. Sometime next week he has said that he will teach me how to make latex puppets which will be amazing. That means i will be able to add more detail to characters and control them better. I want to start using armatures so i can get smoother and more realistic movement. I also heard that Pixar are going to start making stop motion animation which i’m very excited about. I love the look of stop motion animation, Coraline was stunning. I look forward to seeing what pixar comes up with, the combination of their innovative storytelling plus the charming look of stop motion will make a great combination.

Good bye for now chickens.

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Here’s a shot from an animation i’m working on. At the moment i’m just working on the sound for it, so it will be finished soon.

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